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Olivia "Livvy" Sparnenn - LeadVocals

When did Olivia start singing? She was evidently thinking up her own songs in the back of her family’s car, from a very early age, and making the journey seem extremely long for her parents and long suffering big sister.
Her late father was a professional drummer for many years, and he influenced her greatly as to the music that she still listens to today, and the very fact that she started singing. Whilst her contemporaries were out clubbing, she would be happily sitting in the back of a van (naughty!) accompanying her dad to gigs, in the hope she could sing a couple of songs with him. Indeed, at the tender age of thirteen, she’d be guesting with several of his bands, and shortly afterwards, started performing solo. This was to backing tracks, but it gave her the hunger to want to be in her own band. At the age of 16, she was doing just this, and performed regularly with them until 2003.

She decided to defer her Uni place to study Linguistics for a couple of years, and during this time, worked with a composer called Jon Johansson who had spent a lot of time in America, working with the likes of Bonnie Raitt and the Eagles.

She first met Mostly Autumn in 2005, when she was asked to perform backing vocals for the Storms Over Still Waters album launch at the Astoria. She remembers that night very vividly. It was her first time performing on such a big stage, and found it awe inspiring. After that, it was her pleasure to perform with them on a regular basis. The more she mixed with these musicians, the more she realised they were very special indeed.

During this time, Iain Jennings was searching for a vocalist for his solo project. Subsequently, this evolved into a band to be named after his solo album, Breathing Space. She made two albums with Breathing Space the band – ‘Coming up for air’ and ‘Below the Radar’ and frequently performed with them throughout the UK and into Europe.

Tragedy struck the Sparnenn family in the February of 2008, when Olivia’s father was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. She admits it was a struggle to keep singing, but states of this time that’ her dad would have been furious’ if she’d cancelled any gigs. This gave her the strength to carry on. These events inspired the composition of ‘Questioning Eyes’ which was awarded Track of the Year at the Classic Rock Society Awards in 2010

In January 2010, Olivia accepted Bryan’s offer to take over from Heather Findlay as the lead vocalist in Mostly Autumn, and the rest as they say is history, or history in the making!

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