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Liam Davison - Electric guitars, 6 + 12 string acoustic guitars and vocals

 As far back as I can remember Iíve always been interested in the guitar. Around the age of seven my parents bought me my first nylon acoustic and, although not inspired by any guitarist or artist to pick it up at that time, I was determined to get some kind of tuneful sound out of it.

Shortly after moving to York with my family, I met Bryan at the start of Secondary school, and we became good friends, sharing common interests, the major being music and, in particular, guitar. Not long after that we formed our first live gigging band.

After leaving school at 16 I started a three year apprenticeship in catering, yet still continued to gig around the City. During this time, I realised that my first love was music, and was prepared to follow it in any direction it would take me!

After throwing ourselves full time into music, Bryan and I attended Leeds College of Music, only to become disillusioned with that particular avenue. Shortly after College I started teaching guitar for a living, but only to subsidise writing/recording music and listening to bands like The Floyd, early Genesis etc. and being inspired by guitarists like Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Steve Hillage.

Several years later, around 1997, a small opening came up in Mostly Autumn for acoustic guitar duties, playing on a few tracks at live concerts. At that time I was quite happy with that situation, little knowing that the future coming years would change my life in a big way.

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