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Alex Cromarty - Drums

Alex Cromarty is an award winning drummer with 15 years experience in touring, studio work, cruising, TV and radio work. He has worked and performed in numerous countries across five continents. He is a workshop leader and music educator who works along side numerous county councils and arts development programs.
Alex is currently drumming with Mostly Autumn, Mantra Vega and Stax and can be found playing his lovely Liberty drums any given day of the week.
Some other Artists Alex has performed with include: Dave Kilminster, Elliott Randall, Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Hope and Social, Paul Cusick, Dave Kerzner and Heather Findlay to name a few.

"i love being around Mostly Autumn, its a family of musos and lovely people. What we do together isn't about prog, being clever or showing off, its about making music and having fun!! I'm a lucky drummer to be playing these gigs with such dudes!!"
"i am so excited and proud to be part of the Liberty Drums family! The drum kits sound and look so beautiful, they are the next level!!"

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